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Access to the AYES Portal
The AYES school-to career model is a voluntary work-based learning process, available to secondary and post-secondary students enrolled in NATEF-accredited automobile, collision repair/refinish, and M/H truck/diesel technology programs. Interested students are encouraged to pursue AYES Student qualification.

The foundation of the AYE S model are the Business-Education partnerships that begin at the national level, among the global corporations supporting AYES, and continue across the service delivery systems to the state and local levels. Here, the school/program is an active participant in establishing and maintaining the cooperative working relationships with automotive service employers in the community.

To realize these goals AYES will:
  1. Provide the AYES school-to-career model, along with educational, training, and marketing resources and processes.
  2. Provide coaching, guidance and assistance via an area manager and/or support from the AYES office staff.
  3. Provide curriculum, materials and support to prepare AYES Students and designated mentors for the optional workplace internship of the AYES school-to-career model.
  4. Provide guidance and assistance to schools/programs in engaging local employers for student internships and/or post-graduation employment.
  5. Provide an online recording system to track student progress through the AYES model, as well as user support, and documentation to assist in using the system.
  6. Provide information, guidance and assistance to increase awareness of local automotive technology programs and to promote the benefits to students and employers.
  7. Work with industry partners and supporters of the ASE Industry Education Alliance to provide opportunities for donations of vehicles, components, teaching aids, curricula, tools and equipment to qualified NATEF-accredited automotive technology programs.
  8. Work with OE partners and ASE Industry Education Alliance supporters to provide access to vehicle service information and/or technical and/or product training.
  9. Provide access to national hand tool acquisition program(s) for AYES Students.
  10. Provide access to the SkillsUSA Personal Development Program (PDP Level 1 and 2).
  11. Provide recognition materials for participating AYES Students, mentors, employers and schools/sites.
  12. Work, with the organizations of the ASE Industry Education Alliance to increase AYES brand equity and recognition, and the AYES school-to-career model in and among education and industry.
  13. Work with industry partners and supporters of the ASE Industry Education Alliance to provide additional value, support and opportunities for AYES stakeholders.
School/Program (Site) will:
  1. Maintain NATEF program accreditation.
  2. Maintain an active automotive chapter of SkillsUSA and deliver the SkillsUSA PDP (Professional Development Program) levels 1 and 2 curriculum (or an equivalent state-mandated PDP).
  3. Provide training to technicians (mentors) and AYES Students selected for internships, to prepare them for the worksite developmental experience
  4. Designate a primary contact person to facilitate applicable internships, including regular worksite visits during both the summer and the school year, as required.
  5. Work with the ASE Industry Education Alliance and local employment and educational resources to create positive awareness for careers in automotive service technology among K‑10 students, parents, educators and counselors in community schools.
  6. Establish, update and maintain accurate and timely data collection and reporting via the AYES portal, including student progress through the AYES model, mentor and employer information for AYES Student interns, and follow-up information on prior AYES Graduates, such as postsecondary instruction and job placement.
  7. Work with Businesses/Employers in the community to:
    1. Serve on the Advisory Committee/Business & Education Council of their local NATEF-accredited comprehensive high school and/or career technology center.
    2. Provide non-paid career shadowing opportunities for qualified high school students.
    3. Sponsor or more AYES Students in a paid internship, providing varied work experiences with an emphasis on skill development.
    4. Support the participation of selected technicians in AYES mentor training, prior to the start of an internship.
    5. Provide mentoring, on-the-job training and guidance for the AYES Student(s).
    6. Work with the local business-education partners (school, instructor, service employer, AYES Student and/or his/her parents) to acquire appropriate hand tools for on-the-job work assignments
    7. Help build awareness in the community of automotive service careers by hosting career information tours for students, parents, counselors and educators.
    8. Support local schools during career days for class presentations to discuss career opportunities in a dealership.                                                                                       
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