Get Involved: Students

Question: How can I prepare for a well-paying job that is in demand while I am still in high school?

Answer: If you have a passion for cars, Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES) is your answer. If you’re interested in high-tech, fast-paced and lucrative work in automotive service technology, AYES can not only provide you with a solid education while you are in high school, but offer you the value of a paid internship under a senior technician with a local employer that will get you on your way to a career with a great future and job security. You will have the benefit of not only learning what you need to know, but you will also be able to experience the career while you are still in high school, with a paid mentored internship, to ensure that this is the career for you.

According to the Department of Labor, there will be 35,000 automotive service technician positions to fill each year through the end of this decade in order to keep up with the increasing demand. One of those jobs could be yours.

Today, technicians typically earn between $30,000 and $60,000 annually in metro areas and work with the latest computer systems and diagnostic equipment. This career offers you the challenges of tomorrow’s technology, and the opportunity to continue your development in a great career with solid pay, great benefits, and opportunities to pursue a college degree while you work.

AYES is a nationally-recognized business and education partnership of automotive manufacturers, aftermarket service employers and affiliated high schools. The AYES model includes industry-certified job shadowing, mentoring, employability skills training and hands-on automotive experience that will prepare you for entry-level service technician positions and for post-secondary opportunities in college or certificate-based schools.

AYES offers you the opportunity to turn your passion into a career.

Get involved and get AYES. Find a school near you that is involved with AYES and ask them how to enroll. Got questions? Call us at 888-339-AYES (2937) or email