Post-Secondary Education

AYES seeks to prepare high-school graduates for entry-level positions in the automotive industry and/or continuation into post-secondary programs. Federal and State Departments of Education are increasing their focus on measuring the success of local career and technical education programs. Measurements include the number of students that complete further studies beyond high school. Completing post-secondary courses and obtaining either a certificate or Associate’s Degree, from a local community college or certificate from a private provider, gives entry level technicians a clear pathway to increased career opportunity and higher income. With the above in mind, AYES has established best practice suggestions for AYES schools, post-secondary schools and field managers to strengthen partnerships and improve the opportunities for students. In an effort to increase linkage for students and schools to post-secondary initiatives, the AYES mapping web (school locator) was updated and now shows the relationship of AYES schools to area OEM post-secondary initiatives, such as the GM ASEP, Toyota T-TEN, Honda PACT BMW STEPChrysler CAP or certificate programs offered by Mercedes-Benz..

In addition, AYES supports enrollment in post-secondary programs through it's JFS Scholarship Program, established in 2004 in honor of John F. Smith, former chairman of General Motors Corporation. Each school year, AYES graduating seniors that meet all AYES program requirements, are eligible to apply for a scholarship in the amount of $5,000. Deserving students must possess “the right aptitude and a good work ethic,” characteristics Smith valued in automotive technology students and dealer staff.


Click on the following links to learn more about post-secondary education sponsored by some of our OEM stakeholders.

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Chrysler CAP
Mercedes-Benz ELITE
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Toyota T-TEN
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